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Let us "Meat" your Expectations

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Beef • Pork • Lamb • Goat • Chicken • Turkey

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Store Hours: Thursday-Saturday, 9am - 6pm Est. 1940

Friday Nite BBQs

Lakeview Lockers counts its highlight event of the week as the Friday Nite BBQ! Join us outside of take it to go.

Ask anyone in Lakeview and they will assure you that the BBQ is not only a social gathering, but a gathering around great food. Ross and Lydia enjoy doing the cooking on the BBQ (even when it’s snowing, raining, or hailing), while Bobbi, Kelly and the crew make the salads, beans and keep everything running behind the scenes.

Come and join us for Friday night, sit down with a beer or your favorite glass of wine (or a classic soda), and enjoy conversation and some of the best BBQ in the West!

Contact us at (541) 947-3789 for more information on any of our specialty meats or wines.