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Locally grown grass-finished Beef

Lakeview Lockers prides itself on bringing you the finest quality source-verified meats. We support locally grown grass-finished beef and the ranchers that belong to that unique co-operative. We are confident that we are providing you a safe, sustainable and humanely raised product.

Pure Country Pork

Family owned and operated, Pure Country Pork provides Lakeview Lockers with pork that has been cared for from birth to plate, in a wholesome environment. As the first pork operation to be Food Alliance certified, we can boast of the outstanding reputation and quality products. You'll taste the difference.

Pasture Raised Poultry

Chicks and poults graze together on lush color pastures. Our heritage and cornish cross chickens are tender and flavorful. Our broad breasted turkeys will make your holiday feast unforgettable.

Award Winning Charcuterie

We win awards annually for our smoked products - ham, bacon, salami, turkey, pastrami...We make it all right here starting with the best quality meats and applying craftsmanship and the right touch of mountain mahogany smoke! It's a taste you'll come back to.

Contact us at (541) 947-3789 for more information on any of our specialty meats or wines.